12 Summer Water Safety Tips

09 Dec 2020
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As the temperatures rise and summer holidays are in sight, many of us have started to plan our summer activities. We may not be able to travel too far this year, but we can make the most of our summer by staying local! 

Our summer activities usually involve being close to water so we can cool off. Every year people risk their lives in and around water as they don’t follow simple safety guidelines. 

We ask everyone this summer to be water safe and follow these tips: 

  1. Never swim alone - even in public pools or beaches where lifeguards are watching, always use the buddy system. Even very strong and confident swimmers should never swim alone. 
  2. Stay hydrated – being out in the sun for long periods of time can be draining. Make sure to drink plenty of water when you are spending the day by the pool or beach. Always ensure a bottle of water (or two) are part of your summer daily pack list! 
  3. Know what to do if you are in trouble – different water ways come with different risks, make sure you know how to call for help should you ever need it. Raise your hand out of the water to signal for help, stand or move the shallow area if you can, float on your back and call for help.  
  4. Always observe Safety Signs - be familiar with what water safety signs mean, you may see different signs at the beach or the pool. If you are unsure what these signs mean, ask a lifeguard. 
  5. Constant adult supervision – keep watch! - actively keep watch of children and non-swimmers when they are in or around the water, even if the water is lifeguarded. If you are around the home pool, have a designated adult to keep watch. 
  6. Always obey pool rules - pool rules are set to keep you safe. Please make sure you follow these rules and teach your kids about the importance of walking around the pool, no pushing and checking the water depth before jumping in. 
  7. Don’t take risks – let's play it safe when in and around water. Don’t push or jump on others, you could accidentally hurt someone else or yourself.  
  8. Always swim between the flags when at the beach - lifeguards place the flags in the safest swimming area on the beach for that day. Swimming between the flags also means that if you need help, you can signal a lifeguard by raising your arm above your head. 
  9. Check the conditions – be sure to always check the conditions before heading out onto the water. If you are swimming be sure to check for the tide and rips. If you are unsure, swim between the flags or in a lifeguard area like a pool. 
  10. Wear a Lifejacket – make sure you always wear a lifejacket when fishing, boating or using a watercraft.  
  11. Learn CPR and First Aid – everybody should have some basic knowledge in first aid and CPR. If you have never learnt CPR, 2021 might be your year to learn! 
  12. Learn to Swim – learning to swim is a skill for life! No matter what age, learning to swim is the best way to be safer around water. 

Remember: If you are a non-swimmer or not confident in the water always swim in areas that are lifeguarded. This could be your local pool or between the flags at the beach.  

Stay safe this summer! 

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